Fifth Grade Science

Files and links to resources will be posted here for fifth grade science. This page has 4 sections:
  • weather
  • force and motion
  • landforms
  • ecosystems

Discovery Education - Teachers need to log in using their user name and password.


Resources and printables for various areas of weather. Includes games from FEMA and hurricane tracking map.

Water cycle lesson from NetLinks

Types of weather fronts - Has diagrams of how weather fronts work and affect the weather.

Clouds Wheel - 2 page printable for students to use to help identify and classify clouds.

Scholastic Interactive Site - Website has a variety of activities for weather.

Ed-Heads - Interactive website for students to use for predicting and forecasting. Includes pre and post assessments.
Forecasting and Weather Instruments -

Discovery Education - Videos
Weather Smart: Forecasting and Weather Instruments on Discovery Education. - Video focuses on the tools used by meterologists and others in order to predict weather and record data.
Weather Smart: The Water Cycle and Clouds (types of clouds segment) - Video on types of clouds and their relationship with the water cycle.

Interactive Tornado - Website allows students to experiment with different parts of a tornado and to predict the scale of the tornado.

Force and Motion

FMA - Force and Motion HipHop video for students to watch.

Galileo Interactive Investigation Site - Students can investigate using the site and explore the different theories of force and motion.
Interactive website from BBSkids allows students to explore forces in action.
Simple Machines Jeopardy Game in powerpoint.
Simple Machines - Students and teachers can review the vocabulary and uses of the six simple machines.

Discovery Education - Videos

TLC Elementary School: Rules of Motion and Forces - video introduces students to the laws of motion and inertia. Recommended - Segments 1-7 with a focus on Newtons Laws of Inertia and Motion.


FossWeb Website - Website for the science kits. Has a variety of activities and resources for teachers.
Online Observation for Deposition of Sediment -

Discovery Education - Videos
River Flight - To the Open Sea (video) Introduces a large number of landforms to students.
Geologist's Notebook - Why Land Goes Up and Down (video) Discusses the concepts of erosion and how different factors affect the formation of earth. Includes a video quiz at the end of video.


Ecosystem and Biome Website - Covers biomes and ecosystems around the world. Good to use for research projects.
Ecosystem and Biome Research Outline - Teachers can use this to assign a project for students to create a power point based on the ecosystem assigned.
PBSkids Eekoworld - Website has videos on a variety of topics for environments as well as an interactive game for students to use.
Ecokids Canada - Resources available for teachers including organizers, activity pages, and lessons. Teachers will need to sign up to use the site but it is FREE!
Lesson on Decomposition from learnnc - (1.02)
Art Integration with Ecosystems from learnnc - (1.05)
Ecosystem Problem Solving from learnnc - (1.03)
Benefits and Uses of Trees from nationalgeographic - (1.07)
Interactive Pond Food Web -

Plastic Bags[1][1]

Discovery Education - Videos
Life in the Desert System - Video shows the various aspects of the desert biome and includes a video quiz at the end.
TLC Elementary School: Protecting Our Planet (segments 5 & 6) - Pollution and Recycling - video clips address the issues of recycling and pollution.
Threats to Biodiversity: Why We Should Care? - video gives case studies for different animals and plants threatened in the wild. Students will be asked to think about the effects humans have on the environment and why they should care.
Elements of Biology: Ecosystems: Organisms and Their Environment - Video shows how organisms interact with their environment.
Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers - video clips define the different organisms in ecosystems and their roles.

**Jeff Corwin videos on Discovery Education

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