Please use this space to share ideas, tips, and files related to our interactive classroom initiative.

Links to Notebook files

SMART Ways to use a SMART Board_ pdf file available at Edutopia

Links to SMART Board Resources

Dianne Krause SMART Board Workshop

SMART Notebook files-elementary

Simple SMART Skills This site has books for purchase, but also has some free downloads and links to SMART Board resources.

SMART Board Lounge

Teachers Love SMART Boards excellent resource for SMART Notebook files, tutorials, sharing ideas, etc.

Harvey's Homepage-math SMART Notebook files to download

SMART Notebook filesfrom Center School District

SMART Notebook files from Scholastic

MSAD 71 SMART Share Center

Portal to SMART Board resources

SMART Board workshop agenda with links to resources

SMART Notebook files from Rockingham County Public Schools- navigate by subject and grade level-scroll to locate Notebook files

SMART Board files from Longwood Central School District

SMART Notebook filesfrom Clarkstown Central School District

SMART Notebook files from Elmont Schools

Toy Theater-some of these activities will work well onthe SMART Board

Resources from SMART Education Consultants

Link to Carrie Rigney's (SMART education consultant) delicious account

Quick explanations for flash activities in the Lesson Activity Toolkit

Interactive websites good to use with SMART Board:

Free TeqSmart Learning Objects (flash files made to work with SMART Notebook-download as objects in the Gallery)

Interactive online resources

Crick Web interactivities to use with the SMART Board

Getting Smarter with SMART Boards blog

Langwitches Top Ten Elementary Learn by Playing Sites

Elementary interactive games by grade level

Teacher LED This site aims to provide teaching and learning resources to make the use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom easier and more productive.

Rotation and Line Symmetry Notebook file

Poertry file

Consumer reading

Examples of using a table in SMART Notebook

Parts of a light bulb

5th grade Science

Assessments of SMART Board use:

How to clean a SMART Board

Disinfecting Your SMART Board

SMART Board Maintenance